Kristen Stewart Says Robert Pattinson Is 'Quite Bold' In 'Remember Me'

'He is really strong in the movie,' she says of her 'Twilight' co-star's new film.

These days, every Twilighter has two movies they're dying to see while they continue to count down the days until June's "Eclipse." One is [movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart's[/movieperson] "The Yellow Handkerchief," a romantic drama that opens in limited release this weekend, and the other is "[movie id="430301"]Remember Me[/movie]," [movieperson id="365131"]Robert Pattinson[/movieperson] first post-Edward Cullen starring role, which hits theaters March 12.

With all the kissing scenes Stewart has shared with Pattinson, "Twilight" fans already have plenty of reason to be jealous. Now they have another -- she's already seen Rob's film and she gives it two KStew thumbs-up.

"I've seen the movie, I'm going to just say -- I'm sure people will be like, 'Oh my God [I'm so jealous!]," she laughed. "He's really good in the movie."

For those of you who've been too busy watching "Twilight" on repeat mode on your DVD player to stay up with the latest news, "Remember Me" tells the story of a troubled young man (Pattinson) who finds redemption in a forbidden romance with a policeman's daughter (Emilie de Ravin). As if fans needed an added incentive, it was revealed yesterday that the film will hit theaters attached to the [article id="1632228"]"Eclipse" trailer[/article] -- but although Stewart didn't see that, she did see a version of the film without it.

"It's hard to talk about your friends -- about anybody that's close to you that you know," she said of critiquing Rob's performance. "It's like, he's everything I know he is. I know he can do any film."

You can bet that Hollywood will be watching the box office of "Remember Me" very closely, looking at it as the first true indication of whether Rob and so many of his other "Twilight" co-stars can carry their momentum over to non-"Saga" projects. And although she wouldn't speak to the film's box-office potential, KStew teased "Twilight" fans by promising that when it comes to acting chops in "Remember Me," Rob brings the goods.

"Living is so wrapped up in who you are as an actor, not everybody can play every part," she said, explaining that RPattz was well cast in the film. "He is really strong in the movie. Maybe people won't really expect that -- he's quite bold, which is great."

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