Season Finale: Vinny Decided To Take A 'Little' 'Shot At Love' With [Spoiler]

Who did the keto guido choose?

The third time could be the charm for "the world's most eligiblest guido" after he took a Shot at Love on tonight's Season 3 finale. But not just any shot. A little shot. An itty bitty baby shot.

Let's recap: After sending Erika D. packing, Vinny found himself struggling to decide between "positive vibes" Peachy and "clowning around" Akielia -- and not even Paola could save him.

"The one thing that I feel like has been lacking with me and Akielia is us showing each other affection," he shared. "I like that Peachy is positive. I just gotta make sure that Peachy's positivity is genuine."

Following a round of drinks and a couple of more dates, Vinny was still feeling "really confused." Cue Pauly D, who's basically a Double Shot champion: "The only thing I can say is follow your heart; follow your gut. Don't get all in your head like you do sometimes."

Turns out that the keto guido actually took his buddy's advice, as he swiftly told Peachy, "My heart is telling me that our journey ends here."


But when it came time to face Akielia, the chooch Vinny was definitely all up in his head.

"Akielia is walking up here, and I still don't even know what I'm gonna do for sure. Am I gonna take a shot at love with Akielia? I don't know if she's gonna want to take a shot at love with me," he said.

As for the Missouri native, she "never really doubted" her connection with Vinny, saying, "Every time we're together, we can talk and talk and fool around and joke. I always say that before you're lovers, you should be best friends, and I feel like we do have that connection."

Equal parts adorable and awkward, Vinny talks when he gets nervous... and talks and talks.

"I know that you're very real and very to the point, and that's one of my favorite qualities about you, but it also scares me," he told Akielia. "You're still a mystery to me. But to find love, you have to take risks, and that's exactly what I want to do. Akielia, will you take a risk and give me a shot at love?"

In a response that Vinny surely didn't expect, Akielia said, "I don't necessarily know what that means. Like, a shot at love?"

If Akielia's feeling somewhat hesitant, we blame the lemon and onion salad.

"This, to me, is like an opportunity -- an opportunity to get to know you more, and this might be the story of how we just begin," Vinny clarified. "The same way it was for Pauly and Nikki the first time they did it. So, that being said, you want to take, like, a little shot at love with me?"

Akielia was all too happy to comply. "I think maybe I can take a little shot at love with you," she said.


But do you think Vinny and Akielia have a real shot at making their relationship work? Give us your thoughts, and don't iss Vinny when Jersey Shore: Family Vacation returns on Thursday, January 6!