'The Hills' Cast Addresses Mysterious Finale Scene

'What's real and what's fake, you don't know,' Brody Jenner says of ending in which series seemed to break fourth wall.

[article id="1643604"]"The Hills" came to an end[/article] with much fanfare on Tuesday night (July 13). But while the big buzz centered on [article id="1643608"]Lauren Conrad's return[/article] during the show's live aftershow, most fans were scratching their heads about the series' final scene.

In the last scene, [article id="1643097"]Kristin Cavallari gets into a waiting car[/article] destined for the airport, where she told her "Hills" pals she'd board a flight to some unnamed country in Europe. We watched as Kristin closes the car door, leaving Brody Jenner behind, waving goodbye ... or so we thought.

But instead of pulling away, the camera pans out to show the entire production, including crewmembers and cameramen. So, were the "Hills" producers commenting on the veracity of the events devoted fans watched unfold over six seasons?

"The thing is, as you saw on the end -- what's real and what's fake, you don't know," Jenner explained during the live aftershow broadcast. "Our relationship, the entire time could have been fake," he said. "That's one of the questions: what was real and what was fake, and we left it [open]."

As for his partner in crime, Kristin, she said she enjoyed the way the show concluded.

"I mean, I think we both couldn't have been happier with the ending. We were speechless," Cavallari said.

Their 'Hills" co-star Lo Bosworth seemed equally impressed with the final outcome and how it featured the onetime couple. "You know when the last scenes of the show were happening, I got a little [lump] in my throat," she said. "They were great. I loved it."

The entire "Hills" crew, except Heidi and Spencer, was on hand to reminisce about their time on the show. And while the event was generally lighthearted, during a montage of Heidi's life pre-Spencer, her sister, Holly, was visibly upset and crying.

Holly told viewers she wasn't sure about the status of Speidi, but said she hoped to one day be reunited with her sister, even praising her ("She's the best person").

The series aftershow also allowed Spencer's sister, Stephanie Pratt, to settle some rumors, including one that has her appearing next on MTV's "The City," which wrapped its second season on Tuesday night.

"No! I twittered two weeks ago [that] I bought an open-ended ticket to New York," Pratt explained. "That's how it happened," she said of the gossip.

What did you think of the "Hills" series finale? Were you choked up? Surprised by the final scene? Tell us what you thought in the comments!

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