13 Things We Need To See When 'The Flash' Meets 'Supergirl'

Barry Allen and Kara Danvers are TV's new dynamic duo.

This week the universe was #blessed with a force so strong, so magnificent that a joyful noise erupted from the sky in celebration: Barry Allen is coming to Nation City. Yes, THE National City. The home of one Kara Danvers. In other words, The Flash is crossing over with Supergirl, and our hearts just might explode with overwhelming glee. (Get it? Glee.)

CBS announced Wednesday that Grant Gustin's titular superhero from CW's The Flash will be making an appearance an upcoming March episode of Supergirl, making for an unconventional cross-network crossover.

The Flash set a precedent for superheroes on TV. The CW series proved that superheroes don't have to be surly or brooding to get the job done, and that super-shows could embrace their whimsy without losing their edge. In many ways, Kara Danvers is following in Barry Allen's footsteps. So this crossover makes a lot of sense.

Visually and tonally, Supergirl feels a lot like its speedy cousin on The CW. (And it has the opening and closing voice-overs to prove it.) It's fictional, and fantastical, and sometimes, it’s just plain fluff. But it’s also bright, colorful, and funny -- with moments of real pathos. As the show's bubbly protagonist, Kara (played by the charming Melissa Benoist) is more than just a symbol of strength for the citizens of National City; she’s hope personified.

But what makes her a great superhero isn’t her super strength or her heat vision. It's her empathy and compassion -- it's her ability to triumph in the face of adversity with blinding optimism. On a similar note, in a sea of angsty superheroes, Grant Gustin's Barry Allen stands as a beacon of lovable superhero awkwardness.

So the two of them together will be like a perfect array of all that is good and pure in this world. Think two boisterous puppies happily prancing around a field of daises. The world can't even handle that much cute. When Barry meets Kara (maybe for a cup of coffee?), the possibilities are endless, but we’ve got some ideas for how it should go down:

First of all, Barry and Kara need to share an adorkable laugh together.


When Kara laughs, a metahuman gets its wings. In all seriousness, Kara and Barry will save the world with their happy cheeriness, one LOL-worthy dad joke at a time.

Maybe over coffee.


Noonan's is no CC Jitters, but it will do the trick. We hear Noonan's has incredible brunch options.

And if there's time, they'll grab a bite to eat.


Of course, if there's no time, Barry can just make some. Over dinner, Kara and Barry will realize that they have the same humor, geek out over the same things and both know what it's like to hide a secret identity from the general public. Not to mention, they're just so damn charming.

Then, they'll have a race to determine who's really the speediest of them all.

supergirl gif

Sure, Barry is a speedster, but Kara is a Kryptonian, which means she can also go at super speed. So we're going to need a good, old-fashioned race to sort this all out. (Just kidding. Barry is still faster.)

Meanwhile, Winn and James will be like, "Who's this dude?"


Poor Winn. The guy just can't catch a break.

Maybe Cisco will drop by to hang out with Winn for a nerdy sidekick meet-up.


Winn may not get the girl, but he'll get to hang out with Cisco, which we think might be better. Whether he's coming up with badass nicknames, making Team Arrow more relatable just by being in his presence, or quoting our favorite movies and TV shows, Cisco is always the realest person on Earth-1.

Can you even imagine how hard Cisco is going to fanboy over Supergirl?


For a regular on a superhero show, Cisco really loves meeting superheroes. He geeks out every time!

But back to Barry and Kara. The Flash and Supergirl will team up to take down a metahuman.

15 - 1

Why else would Barry be in National City if not for metahuman purposes? That being said, we need a fighting montage starring Supergirl and The Flash. Can you even picture that awesomeness?

Their super-suits will look amazing side by side.

the flash gif

We know being a superhero isn't about the fashion, but given the fact that Barry and Kara have never met, their super-suits look impeccably coordinated.

Barry will probably be jealous of Kara's cape.

supergirl gif

And, you know, her alien blood that pretty much makes her indestructible.

Speaking of, Barry should really enlist her help in taking down Zoom.

kara supergirl

She's clearly not afraid to take a fall. As if Zoom could keep up with a Kryptonian.

But he's too much of a nice guy to do that. So he'll probably just give her this smile before leaving National City.


Don't worry, Karry shippers. This won't be the last time Barry and Kara cross paths. This opens up more opportunities for crossovers, including potentially bringing Kara to Central City or even Star City to visit the broody guy in green.

And then they surprise us all with a closing musical number because sometimes life is perfect.

melissa benoist gif

Have can you have Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, and Jeremy Jordan on screen together and NOT have anyone burst into song?