Vintage Video: The Spice Girls, 'Say You'll Be There'

It's Flashback Friday! And it's also pretty much a rock-solid fact that the "Wannabe," by the Spice Girls, is, was, and always will be one of the most irritating songs ever recorded. So when they dropped "Say You'll Be there" -- the second single off their debut, unimaginatively titled album, Spice -- it was almost as if Posh, Ginger, Baby, and Mels B. and C. were offering the world "Say You'll Be There" as a mea culpa in song form.

While the "Wannabe" video was pretty much a panning party (although it was done in almost one continuous take, which is pretty amazing) and took place in a hotel, "Say You'll Be There" was shot in the Mojave Desert and featured the Girls as naughty ninjas fighting... something or other... with boomerangs, Chinese throwing stars, and vinyl pants.

One of the best parts about "Say You'll Be There" -- both the song and the video -- is the harmonica hoedown part at the bridge. And if you're a total music geek, you either already know, or you'll be as nerdily thrilled as I was to discover that the harmonica solo was performed by Judd Lander, who also performed the harmonica part in Culture Club's "Karma Chameleon." (Watch that video after the jump.)

Other ways that the Spice Girls were clearly saying "we're sorry" in their "Say You'll Be There" video -- the ridiculous sound effects, cheese-tastic retro "surveillance" equipment, and former Madonna boy toy Tony Ward, who's first shown right before 1:00.

Oh yeah, the Spice Girls also performed "Say You'll Be There" at the 1997 MTV VMAs, which is just another reason I wish I had a time machine. Anyway, enjoy the sounds of 1997... without the burdens of zigga-zig-ah.

+ Watch "Karma Chameleon after the jump!

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