Here's How To Make Those Huge AF Posters Of Famous Faces To Bring To Concerts

The ultimate way to get noticed in a crowd.

By Jessica Norton

Whether you're trying to get chosen to hang backstage with Taylor Swift at Loft '89 or you just want to make eye contact with your fave member of One Direction, you want to look FAB and slay the fandom with an epic sign.

Here is a sure-fire way to stick out like a sore thumb among 60,000+ concert-goers: create a humongous, blown-up poster of a famous face. You've probably seen it done before at graduations and sporting events -- where they're actually pretty obnoxious. But they're also hysterical, eye-catching and super easy to make.

All you need is a printer (with a full ink cartridge), scissors/large paper cutter, a lot of tape, time and stamina for a little do-it-yourself crafternoon.

First, you need to find a large, hi-res image file. Using Google Images, search for the person or animal (Ex: Olivia And Meredith -- Taylor Swift's cats -- seen above) you wish to make a poster of. Underneath the search engine select the "Search Tools" tab. Under "Size" select one of the "Larger Than..." options -- depending on how big you want your poster to be, photos within the size range you select will appear.

Once you find the perfect photo to make a poster of, save it to your computer.

An awesome online poster generator called makes this project simple -- AND it's free. When you upload your selected photo to the Website it breaks down the creation process for you, slicing up your image into standard printer paper-sized pieces so that you can print them out and assemble the poster together like a puzzle.

The poster generator gives you a lot of options -- like if you want the orientation of the paper to be portrait or landscape or if you want borders. You can also adjust how many papers wide you want it to be, so you can be mindful of how many pieces of dead tree you waste use.

When you finish finalizing your customization settings, you can click on "Create My Poster!" and it will save it as a PDF file. After it successfully downloads, you can open it and begin to print.

After all of the pieces of the poster print out you will have to trim off some of the edges. If you don't want your poster to be square, and would prefer to have it match the outline of the person's/animal's head (like Harry, looking dapper, above), trim whatever outline your heart desires!

Once all of pieces of paper are trimmed, lay them out on the floor so you can see how the full poster will look once it is completely put together. Begin to connect the papers by taking little pieces of tape and taping areas together to form the complete image. When it comes to faces, you'll want to make sure the teeth, eyes and any creases match up or the poster will end up a bit distorted when it's finished. (Note: Shawn Mendes' eye got a little messed up, below.)

Once each piece of paper is connected with tape and the entire, gigantic image is fully formed you may feel like, "Wow, I'm done!" -- but nope. Truthfully, you could be. But going further will ensure that it doesn't get wrinkled or wet and will sturdily stay upright when you are holding it in the air.

Using large, clear packing tape, create layers across the poster, covering both the front and back sides. Make sure every inch of the poster is covered in tape. This will help keep the pieces of paper together and protect it from getting wet and smudging. Or, if you have access to a very large laminating machine, you can completely skip this step and just laminate it. (I did not have one, so manual tape labor it was.)

If arts and crafts aren't your thing you can order pre-made posters on websites like Check the website of the venue you will be going to for rules on posters -- how much of a bummer would it be if you weren't allowed to bring it in? Also be sure to be considerate to the people around you. You don't want to be that fan who blocks the view of the show or whacks everyone with your poster.

Good luck getting spotted!

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