Big Boi Calls Modest Mouse Collabo 'A Hodgepodge Of Funkiness'

Oddball pairing isn't all that odd to Big Boi, who describes the new songs as 'jamming.'

Last week, when Big Boi tweeted that he was "camped out in the lab" with Modest Mouse, the news was greeted with a resounding "WTF?!?" from fans of not only the Mouse, but Outkast as well.

But, as Big Boi told MTV News, the idea of teaming up with Modest Mouse made perfect sense to him.

"I've been a fan of the band for a minute. ... We're all musicians and producers and artists, and it's just like a big-ass brainstorm, a brain-stormin', tsunami, typhoon, tectonic-plates-movin' kind of thing," he said. "We do all types of music, so to get the chance to jam with a jammin'-ass band, I knew it was going to be cool. We had a vibe too. We made a couple of records that are just jamming. It's a hodgepodge of funkiness."

Working with longtime producer Chris Carmouche, Big Boi and Modest Mouse spent nearly a week in the rapper's Stankonia Studios ("We was live from Stankonia, baby, they had to come catch the vibe," Boi laughed), jamming, recording and, most importantly, vibing.

"[Modest Mouse frontman] Isaac [Brock] and I were talking about our lives, different backgrounds, how he grew up, talking about music, different songs," Big Boi explained. "He gave me backstories on different songs they did, like 'Wild Pack of Family Dogs,' gave me stories on that. It was a real chill atmosphere, so it was basically just kicking it around the studio, just chopping it up. We was in here doing 14-hour days. ... It was all day long. We'd jam, we'd talk, we'd jam some more. It was a real cool experience."

And though he wouldn't reveal much about the songs they recorded -- Carmouche, who sat in on the interview, described one track as "enchanted and enlightened," another as "hard-core" and a third as "kind of funky" -- or, really, when anyone will get to hear them, Big Boi promised that they'll appeal to fans of both acts. And he gives his word that, no matter how out-there the collaboration may seem, the result is definitely going to be worth it.

"Mainly, me and Chris are acting as producers on the record. I'm not rapping on anything, as of yet. ... It's their music. I'm also a producer, as well as an artist, but I'm not just going to jump on something just to jump on it, you know?" he said. "The fans don't have to worry. There's nothing like, 'Oh, Modest Mouse, there's some rapping going on the album!' If there needs to be some rapping on there, I will destroy it, but right now, we're just really marinating with the music to see where everything's going to go. ... Just know this mother----er is jamming, man. Believe me."

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