Beatles, Britney Most Powerful Music Artists, Forbes Says

'NSYNC, Backstreet Boys also rank high on 100 Top Celebrities list.

The Beatles may have been the most powerful rock band of 2001 thanks to their hits package 1, but Britney Spears wasn't far behind, according to Forbes magazine's 100 Top Celebrities list.

The Fab Four ranked third on the power list — behind Tom Cruise and Tiger Woods — with earnings of $70 million for the year. Spears received a fourth-place power ranking, earning $38.5 million. 'NSYNC actually topped her financially, with $42 million in the bank, but charted at #8, just behind the #7 Backstreet Boys, who brought in $35.5 million.

The magazine determined its rankings based on celebrities' incomes, magazine cover appearances, press clips, TV and radio popularity, and Web hits.

Metallica ranked fourth among musicians, charting at #18 overall with $28 million in earnings. The high power ranking likely owes a lot to the publicity the band generated during the Napster controversy, since the group was only #32 in terms of total income.

The highest-charting rapper was Dr. Dre, who reached #21 with earnings of $35 million. Kiss may never be able to show their unmasked faces in public again, having landed only at #47. The band fared slightly better in the financial department, taking #41 with $24.5 million earned. It's a good thing Gene Simmons is hawking band coffins for $5,000 a pop.

Other artists who made the Forbes cut include Tina Turner, who landed at #27 on the power chart with $31 million for the year. The Dixie Chicks checked in at #33 with $25 million earned, and Jennifer Lopez landed at #34, having brought in $14.4 million.

Only two pop musicians placed in the bottom half of the Top 100 Celebrities chart — the Dave Matthews Band landed at #29 with $31 million, and Baha Men squeaked in at #98 with a cool million in the bank.

Last year, the top celebrity artists were the Rolling Stones at #6 with earnings of $50 million, Backstreet Boys at #8 with $60 million, Cher at #9 with $40 million, Shania Twain at #12 with $48 million and Celine Dion at #13 with $43 million.

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