Ke$ha Looks Forward To An 'Absolutely Crazy' 2012

'People say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it,' singer says of her next album.

With 2011 behind her, Ke$ha knows exactly how she'll be spending the next few months. She's preparing to hit the studio in early 2012 for her next album. And while she's favored Auto-Tune, club beats and lyrics about glitter for her past musical endeavors, this time around, anything is possible.

"I think that my first record was heavily influenced by Licensed to Ill and the Beastie Boys and that [first] record is, like, very brash and very sassy and very unapologetic and irreverent. And I love that," she told MTV News about her 2010 debut Animal.

"I'm really proud of that, but I have learned over the past three years of doing this that being vulnerable doesn't mean you're weak. I very much want to be seen as a strong woman, but I realize that vulnerability can also be a strength. So on my next record, you are going to hear probably a little more of that. I'm not going to make an acoustic, sad entire record. But you might hear a little bit more vulnerability on the next record 'cause I have realized just from this Dylan cover coming out [on Amnesty International's anniversary album] that it can be such a strength and a nice balance to humanize the other side of my personality," she added.

"I've been writing but I haven't gone in with [producer Dr. Luke] yet. He's working on stuff and I'm working on stuff for it. But [to] actually start, we go into the studio in January, early January."

If fans are looking for something new from K-Dollar Sign and can't wait for this next record, she already has some music for you to listen to. She recently dropped her latest [article id="1676172"]"Sleazy" remix[/article] and will be one of the many artists covering Bob Dylan for the [article id="1676260"]Amnesty International anniversary album[/article] out on January 24. But even with all that out in the world, she's especially excited for this next album.

"I feel like I don't necessarily agree, but people say that rock and roll is dead, and it is my mission and my goal to resurrect it in the form of my pop music," she declared. "That's the goal. We'll see what happens. That's a very ambitious and lofty goal, but that's my goal."

As one year ends and another begins, the bedazzled singer took a moment to reflect on 2011, and it was quite the wild ride for her.

"The whole year has been absolutely crazy, but I think that my tour, my headlining tour with LMFAO and Spank Rock, that was like really exciting to be a headliner for the first time really in my life, to be playing some of the same places I was playing opening for Rihanna," she said. "Sometimes you get caught up in the details, but when you're onstage at Jones Beach in front of 10,000 people, those moments, money can't buy those moments."

Noting that her appearance at Glastonbury Festival also topped her list of accomplishments for 2011, she admits she's still reeling from Britney Spears' recording of [article id="1659174"]"Till the World Ends,"[/article] which she penned.

"That song just came on the radio and I have to say, I love hearing Britney Spears sing my lyrics, every single day. It never gets old. I get so excited," she said. "It's better than any drug when you hear Britney Spears sing a song you wrote."

K hopes that in the next year, more people will see that she's a lot more than just glitter and hot pants. "I have a lot of growing and evolving to do," she explained. "I'm definitely not a one-trick pony and I think more people are starting to see that more and more."

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