13 Sex Ed Scenes That'll Make You Scream For Days

And yet you'll learn so much

Whether your high school experience was a teenage dream or the worst kinda hell, you and the rest of your classmates were totally in it together for at least one part of the process: When you had to go through Sex Education classes.

No matter your differences, we can almost guarantee you were all united in a shared state of cringe for the entire duration of that day. And while you might not want to relive that lecture ever again, here are a few particularly hilarious reproductive health lessons from the movies and TV that'll make yours look like a day at the park in hindsight.

Teen Witch

We have this scene to thank for this glowing array of euphemisms for male genitalia: "A roger, a love wand, joystick, dong, zipper lizard, tally whacker, trouser snake, [and] schlong."

Mean Girls

This health instructor might have been consistent with his policy that abstinence is the only sure thing (groan), but at least he handed out some protection at the end there for those who, um, don't agree with his philosophy.

Varsity Blues

Miss Davis learned a lesson here: Never doubt a 17-year-old boy for his familiarity with the male erection.

Milk Money

This kid had a pro come in to explain the Xs and Os of the birds and the bees, and ... well, don't try this at home is all we're saying.

Parks and Recreation

Even senior citizens can benefit from a little 411 on their netherworlds.

The Simpsons

Yeah, so, who wouldn't want to learn all about sex from an animated version of the species that is so with it, reproductively, that they're the scale to which particularly active humans are compared?

Beavis and ButtHead

Well, that settles it. Spit-yelling these words doesn't make 'em any less awkward.


Censorship of the vulva? Not cool, teach.

Definitely, Maybe

Hearing a nine-year-old spit out the word "ejaculated" just might be exact point where that invisible line lies between "well, that's life" and "HELL TO THE NO."

17 Again

There's always one guy being a total dad about the whole thing.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

A hands-on lesson on proper positioning from Aldous Snow is clearly the ninth layer of hell.

Monty Python's Meaning of Life

Here's the one that makes you glad there are decency laws forbidding your teacher from stripping down and bedding his wife before the entire class while describing his actions in detail because WTFFFFFFF. ::Orders all the eyewash.::

Old School

Who's hungry? (Or perhaps better put, who's lost their appetite?)

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