'Smurfs' Cast Recall Watching Original Cartoon

'We were a big 'Smurfs' household. We had the glasses and the sheets and the whole thing,' 'Glee' star Jayma Mays admits.

[article id="1668194"]"The Smurfs" took "Cowboys & Aliens"[/article] for a ride at the box office over the weekend when the two blockbusters tied for the top spot. And the [article id="1668131"]movie's cast[/article] recently chatted with MTV News and recalled some of their favorite memories from the vintage "Smurfs" cartoon.

"We were a big 'Smurfs' household," "Glee" star Jayma Mays explained. "We had the glasses and the sheets and the whole thing. We didn't have the figurines that some people collect, but my mom loved 'The Smurfs,' so she would make me watch."

Co-star Hank Azaria also has a backstory with the lovable cartoon. "I was highly familiar with Gargamel and 'The Smurfs,' being an animation fan, even though I was technically too old for 'Smurfs,' " he recalled. "When they came to America, I watched them anyway 'cause I'm immature," he joked.

"I always wanted to improve on Gargamel," he continued. "I always felt he was too one- note and borderline annoying and wanted to make him funny and more amusing and a little scarier in other moments. I ended up using a voice very similar to the cartoon, but I thought he could be more three-dimensional and sarcastic and laid-back, and mostly I was curious as to why he was married to a cat."

Neil Patrick Harris said he enjoyed the cartoon back in the day, and recalled his favorite moments shooting the 3-D, part CGI/part live action flick. "Hank's great. My favorite elements of Hank being in the movie was that since we didn't really have scenes together, it was my days off," he jokingly explained. "So when it was Hank-heavy scenes, [Jayma] and I were like, 'Woohoo!'

"For me, I really liked filming around New York," he continued. "I'm mostly a West Coast guy, and I've always been a fan of the city and I think the film is a wonderful homage and love letter of New York. So to be able to film in New York ... you don't get that opportunity."

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