'Arrow': All The Biggest Moments On 'Streets Of Fire'

'You honor the dead by fighting. And you are not done fighting.'

It's the penultimate episode of the totally insane second season of "Arrow," and it plays more like the first hour of an epic blockbuster movie than just another TV show. Over-the-top action, huge character moments and some incredible cliffhangers just make us more eager for next Wednesday to get here, and soon.

Here are all the biggest moments from "Streets of Fire":

Deathstroke's Guitar Army, Minus The Guitars

It's been promised for weeks, but finally Slade's army of mini-Deathstrokes attacks Starling City, setting CGI fires wherever they go. And given they're virtually unkillable strong-men following Slade's every order -- and Slade's orders are to destroy Starling -- that's bad, bad news.

Laurel Gets Her Gun

After a rocky season, Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) has finally come into her own as a confident woman who OH MY GOD did she pick up a bow??? Comic fans know that Laurel may eventually become the hero known as Black Canary, but given her explosive arrowin' in this episode, maybe she's fated to become something else?

Particularly given what we'll get to in a bit with the current Black Canary, her sister Sara (Caity Lotz); but whatever happens, now that Laurel knows everyone's secrets, let's get her more in the action, please.

Cry Me A Canary

Sara returns to Starling City, thinking she's an irredeemable killer. But it turns out all she needs is to selflessly save a convenient child from a fire, and then have a cop call her a hero to accept: she's a hero. Also, as mentioned the whole "Sara is probably going to die" thing gets a wrench thrown into it when she gets called "The Canary" by her proud sister and father. She's a hero now! Permanently! A cop mentioned it, so it must be true.

Cops Love Arrow

Speaking of cops, the Starling City Police Department -- led by newly reinstated Detective Quentin Lance (Paul Blackthorne) -- decides to suck it up and team up with Team Arrow, with official hashtag/couple name #Arrolice. Not true. But it does seem like we're heading towards a drastically revamped status quo going into season three, with Arrow less a vigilante and more a public hero.


STAR Labs finally develops a cure for Mirakuru, the drug that makes Slade's army super -- and also drove Roy Harper (Colton L. Haynes) insane, so naturally they send the only known samples of the cure into the Starling City war zone by courier. The samples shockingly get stolen, brought to Slade Wilson, stolen by Mayor Blood (Kevin Alejandro), and then given to Ollie, who uses them to try and cure Roy.

The lesson of this episode? Never send things by courier.

The Ghost Of Mira-Cure-us Past

Speaking of which, the same scenario is playing out in this week's flashbacks, with Ollie freeing Sara from Slade in order to find the Mirakuru cure, only to be captured on Slade's boat.

The lesson of these flashbacks? Never send things by courier. Actually, that's not really the lesson, but seriously, one time I sent a letter by courier, and let's just say Joseph Gordon-Levitt got into some crazy shenanigans trying to get it to its destination.

Thea, I Am Your Father

Malcolm Merlyn (guest star John Barrowman) was revealed earlier in the season to be Thea's father, but with Starling in flames, he returns to help her out. Since he spent last season trying to sink a good portion of the city with an earthquake machine, Thea ain't quite buying it, even when he saves her from a deathstroke.

Instead, our cliffhanger is Thea shooting at Merlyn, presumably killing him and we'll never speak of this plotline again.

You Want Blood, You Got It

Let us count all the crazy things Mayor Blood does this episode. 1) He somehow convinces his staff that the city being on fire is just OK. 2) He watches as D.A. Kate Spencer gets her neck snapped, meaning we're probably never going to get to see her in her comic book identity of Manhunter. 3) He yells at Slade, the insane madman who is causing this destruction, never a good idea.

And then, he betrays Slade to give the Miracure-u to Ollie, telling Ollie the story of how he got his crazy skull mask. See, when he was a kid he was scared of his father. So he made a mask that looked like how he pictured his father in his nightmares, but also it makes him face his fears and additionally it’s a reminder he wants to save the city.

Crazy person logic is not always logical.

Sadly for Mayor Blood, he ends up getting stabbed with two swords at the same time by Slade's henchwoman Ravager. So long, famous-esque guest star Kevin Alejandro.

Suicide City

With the city in ruins and Slade's army running amok, Amanda Waller sends in her ARGUS thugs and a few bombs to blow Starling to smithereens. And she'll follow through on it, unless Oliver can stop Slade by dawn. A ticking clock, an unstoppable army… No problem.

…Is it next week yet?

What did you think about this week's episode of "Arrow"?

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