'Thor' Star Tom Hiddleston Is Having A Slumber Party, And You're Invited

In the latest edition of After Hours, the 'The Dark World' star savages MTV News' Josh Horowitz with a pillow.

It's just like the old saying goes: there ain't no slumber party like a slumber party with Loki, because a slumber party with Loki ends with a brutal beating with a pillow.

What, your mom never told you that one?

In the latest edition of After Hours, MTV News' Josh Horowitz goes where few others have dared to go (that we know of): into a bed with Tom Hiddleston, who plays Loki, the trickster god/bitter adopted brother of Thor, in this weekend's "Thor: The Dark World."

Hiddleston and Horowitz donned their favorite Thor T-shirts and jammies for the occasion, which included a discussion of who in the Marvel universe likes to (slumber) party hard ("Volstagg loves a slumber party," Hiddleston says, but poor Loki is left behind), a demonstration of the actor's signature dance moves (we're thinking that the wriggle he calls "snake hips" could become a favorite on the dance floor) and a thorough investigation into the time Hiddleston saw co-star Chris Hemsworth naked. Brotherly love, indeed. (We can't even talk about the game of Eff, Marry, Kill the two get into. Does it count if you're adopted?)

And, of course, no slumber party is complete without a pillow fight. Perhaps Horowitz should think it through next time before challenging a god to a show of strength -- the odds aren't necessarily stacked in our correspondent's favor.

"Thor: The Dark World" hit theaters on Friday. (Though it may not hit as hard as Hiddleston's pillow.)

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