The Cast Of 'Ant-Man' Apologizes To All The Bugs They've Killed


With reporting by Josh Horowitz

We've all done it: one second, you see an ant. The next, before your brain has really even had time to process it, you've committed murder. Smush. Goodbye, ant. Farewell. It's a basic instinct, but it's more emotionally complicated for the cast of Marvel's upcoming "Ant-Man."

Featuring Paul Rudd as a man who gains the power to shrink down to the size of an ant (hence the name), "Ant-Man" is about to complicate your feelings about bugs and the squashing of them. What if that's an itty-bitty Rudd down there?

MTV News asked the cast of the upcoming flick whether they had any words of apology they'd like to share with our dearly departed buggy friends.

Star Rudd sympathized.

"I feel like I have redeemed myself because of the love that I have for ants now, which is totally legit," he said. "I will never, ever harm them, I won't flick 'em or smush 'em, I won't set up an ant trap. I let them do what they want to because they're fascinating creatures. They're my brothers and sisters now and I don't want to get in their way."

As for Corey Stoll, the movie's villain, no apology is necessary: "I'm the bad guy, I don't have to."

Hear more of the cast's apologies in the video above.

"Ant-Man" crawls into theaters July 17.