'No Strings Attached' Tops Weekend Box Office

Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher's romantic comedy comes in ahead of 'The Green Hornet.'

"The Green Hornet" certainly has the crime-fighting action scene on lockdown, but when it comes to box-office supremacy, Seth Rogen's latest couldn't muscle up to Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher's "No Strings Attached."

The "Black Swan" actress returned to the romantic comedy arena this past weekend with "No Strings Attached," director Ivan Reitman's movie about a pair of longtime friends (Portman and Kutcher) who decide to add a few new benefits to their relationship. As the only major new release of the weekend, "No Strings Attached" had little trouble securing a first-place finish worth $20.3 million, despite facing a steady stream of

target="_blank">mostly negative reviews.

Rogen and director Michel Gondry's "The Green Hornet" was no slouch, however, as the highly stylized buddy comedy continued to kick its way toward the top of the box office. In its second weekend in theaters, "Hornet" lost some of its sting to buzz into second place, adding $18.1 million to its continually growing pile. The film has earned $78.5 million worldwide, surpassing "Kick-Ass" as the highest-grossing live-action superhero comedy of all time, according to

target="_blank">Box Office Mojo. Still, "Hornet" has some other milestones to reach before surpassing its reported $120 million production budget.

Rounding out the weekend's top five competitors were Ron Howard's "The Dilemma," now in its second week of release, followed by magnetic awards-season favorites "The King's Speech" and "True Grit" at $9.2 million and $8 million respectively.

The Box-Office Top Five

#1 "No Strings Attached" ($20.3 million)

#2 "The Green Hornet" ($18.1 million)

#3 "The Dilemma" ($9.7 million)

#4 "The King's Speech" ($9.2 million)

#5 "True Grit" ($8 million)

Upcoming Releases

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