Snoop and Puffy Try To Put East Coast/West Coast Feud To Rest

MTV NEWS: In legal news, you might figure things couldn't get much worse after you wind up in jail, but imprisoned Death Row Records chief "Suge" Knight has now been informed that he's being sued, along with his lawyer, David Kenner, by the American Express credit card company, for unpaid bills totaling $1.67 million. Those charges date back to December 7th, the day Death Row star Tupac Shakur was shot and killed in Las Vegas.

Elsewhere in L.A., Snoop Doggy Dogg, the label's last living rap titan, did his bit to put the much-hyped "feud" between east and west coast rappers to rest on Wednesday, when he appeared, alongside New York hit-maker Sean "Puffy" Combs, on the set of the WB Network's "Steve Harvey Show," in an episode about a "truce" between the supposedly warring hip-hop factions. There was a press conference to play this up, although both Snoop and Puffy told MTV news reporter Abbie Kearse they think the whole "rappers-at-war" angle has been majorly overplayed.

SEAN "PUFFY" COMBS: I think what you can expect from this, is, you can see a little bit more unity as far as east coast rappers and west coast rappers and producers. So, hopefully, you'll see more collaborations and more of a network...

ABBIE KEARSE: Would this be happening if Suge Knight were not incarcerated at this moment?

SNOOP DOGGY DOGG: I couldn't tell you that because he is not out right now, but the way I feel, nothing could stop this from happening right now, because from the bottom of my heart I'm doing what I feel is right as an individual, as Snoop Dogg, as what I feel I have to do. Didn't nobody make me do this, I make myself do this. So basically nobody can stop me from doing this. This is something that I want to happen, that's why I'm here, sitting in this classroom, going through this show, regardless of who has negative feelings towards me or about this situation.

PUFFY: I feel at first when "New York, New York" came out,

people in New York they didn't understand it, they didn't really like it, the kickin' down of the buildings. But at the same time, after, this man is articulate, he came and explained his position, the Dogg Pound explained their position, that it was entertainment, it wasn't meant like that, and that's what they took it for, and then they're was no love lost, and we leapt on moving on, and the fans from New York kept on moving on... and it was in the past and that was it.

MTV NEWS: Next up for "Puffy" Combs will be a bit of hired-hand work on the next Mariah Carey album, which will also feature some imported talent from "A Tribe Called Quest.

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