Amy Schumer Just Got Invited To Be The Next ‘Bachelorette’

Would ABSOLUTELY watch this, TBH.

In case you’re not watching “The Bachelorette” this season, let us assure you that it’s only three episodes in and it’s bats--t crazy as ever. There was the drunk agitator who got booted on the first night, that bizarre underwater photoshoot, and that epic boxing match that sent one poor dude to the hospital.

But undoubtedly the highlight of the season thus far has been Amy Schumer’s hilarious guest appearance. The comedian was on hand to help coach the hopeful future husbands as they prepped for their stand-up comedy debuts in an attempt to win Queen Kaitlyn’s heart.

From the start, Amy was predictably hilarious, especially when she joked with Kaitlyn that she might steal a couple of the guys away from her, and when she brilliantly shut down the lame, pretentious JJ. The fact that she also managed to compose herself during Tony “The Healer’s” epic onstage fail was applause-worthy in and of itself.

Anyway, “Bachelorette” fans immediately started singing her praises and flooding Twitter with a campaign to make her next season’s Bachelorette.

Apparently, they made their voices loud and clear because Amy now has an “official offer,” courtesy of Robert Mills, the senior vice president of alternative series, specials, and late-night programming for ABC Entertainment.

Amy, it seems, is totally down — she replied, “Here I come!!” along with a hilarious pic of her rehearsing for her hosting duties at the MTV Movie Awards.

OK, sure, Amy’s got a ton of other things on her plate that she’ll likely stay focused on, like her hit Comedy Central show “Inside Amy Schumer” and her big summer flick “Trainwreck.” But still! Love doesn’t wait for anyone, Amy, so go force a bunch of men to knock each other out in your honor!