'Teen Mom' Maturity: Here's How Maci And Ryan's Relationship Has Evolved

As Bentley has grown, his parents have done the very same

Maci and Ryan were blissfully in love when she was 16 and pregnant and for a (very) short time after welcoming Bentley. But a painful breakup (at the end of Teen Mom Season 1) followed and, since then, the young parents have had some positive moments and also endured some disappointing setbacks. Now, during this week's episode, the Tennesseans were able to experience the former with their child -- specifically, a group meal at Maci's house with Taylor and Ryan's new girlfriend Mackenzie.

The mood was jovial: Maci teased the gang that she was having another baby, and the adults joked about how the second grader needed to brush his teeth so his pearly whites don't resemble corn kernels (watch a snippet from the occasion below).

"You could definitely tell when we were having dinner that Bentley was having the time of his life," Maci gushed after Ryan, Mackenzie and Benny left for the evening.

And her statement was completely accurate. This sweet scene was a complete 180 from when the couple was in the early Teen Mom days. From their romance officially ending (relive it above) to clashing over Bentley attending pre-school, Maci and Ryan have made leaps and strides with their co-parenting efforts. As their son has grown, they have also matured and evolved as well -- and the hope is that this encouraging trend will continue in the future.

Tell us what you thought about Maci, Taylor, Ryan and Mackenzie coming together, and be sure to catch the season finale of Teen Mom OG on Monday at 9/8c!

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