Fans Can't Get Enough Of G-Eazy And Ashley Benson's 'Creep' Cover

The rapper and 'Pretty Little Liars' star teamed up to take on Radiohead's classic

Fans of rapper G-Eazy woke up this morning (April 22) to two surprises. And fans of Pretty Little Liars alum Ashley Benson woke up to one big one. The unlikely duo teamed up for a chilling rendition of Radiohead's "Creep," which was just one of two covers G-Eazy shared on Soundcloud earlier today.

First, the "Still Be Friends" rapper unveiled a slow-burning and emotional cover of The Beatles's "I'm So Tired." And based on the Twitter response, his die-hard fans absolutely loved it. "Kinda badass," one fan wrote. "Please don't ever stop singing," another pleaded.

But even more surprising than G-Eazy's Beatles cover was his rendition of Radiohead's "Creep," featuring Benson. And that's mostly because fans of the actress know her for her on-screen roles, and not for music.

As it turns out, though, Benson can do both. Her angelic falsetto paired with G-Eazy's brooding vocals made for some very powerful harmonies, and fans of both stars were quick to notice. "Your voices sound SOOO good together," one person tweeted. "It was so incredible," someone else wrote. "I love Ashley."

Overall, the general consensus was that fans were shocked to hear Benson singing at all. "PLL Ashley Benson?" someone asked. "asHLEY????" another added. "What's going on baby." Fans of the rapper also wanted to know if these covers are a tease of what's to come. "Will you be singing on the new album?" a fan inquired.

Only time will tell if G-Eazy is going to embrace his singing talents. And as far as a Benson album goes, well, it's too soon to tell if that's something she's even considering at the moment. What we do know, however, is that together they were able to make some magic, so excuse us as we listen to their cover of "Creep" on repeat.

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