Is Neil Patrick Harris Going To Be On 'American Horror Story: Freak Show'?

You get Twitter spam, NPH gets Twitter casting offers.

Sorry, #teamfollowback. Step aside, #blessed. All your Twitter hashtags and fannish social media efforts have been outshined, because Neil Patrick Harris maybe just got a role through Twitter.

It's not like the guy is some kind of noob, but this is pretty bananas: NPH apparently wrote a letter to "American Horror Story" creator Ryan Murphy, telling him what a fan he was. And, hahaha, Murphy tweeted back at him like, "yeah, buddy! Be on our show!"

Murphy exploded Twitter on Friday, when he tweeted that "of course" Harris could be on the upcoming "Freak Show" season of the serial FX creepout.

Harris told EW Radio that he had written a letter to Murphy asking if he could be on the show.

"I wrote a letter to Ryan asking if I can be in it, even though I wasn't even available to be in it,” Harris admitted. "To do one that involves any kind of freak, circus nonsense is going to be so unsettling to watch. Can't wait!"

We just picture Harris popping into Murphy's office and pulling a full Barney Stinson: "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaave you met me?"

Next time you get some clickbaity link with a blurb about "omg is this really you in this pic?!" or a promise to share the nine simple secrets to losing belly fat, just remember: If you were Neil Patrick Harris, you would be getting job offers in your mentions. You would also be finishing off your run on a Tony-winning Broadway musical and be considered almost universally adored, but the main difference between your life and NPH's comes down to Twitter. We think.