Watch Drake And Lil Wayne's 'Street Fighter'-Inspired Tour Trailer

Sage vs. Protégé? Let's go!

Drake Vs. Lil Wayne from OctobersVeryOwn on Vimeo.

Okay, it's close -- and now we're getting really excited. The Drake vs. Lil Wayne tour kicks off on August 8, which means that we're less than a month away from this battle royale, and now the official trailer has arrived.

The "Street Fighter"-inspired clip, created by Capcom, pits Wayne against Drizzy as Sage vs. Protégé, in what is sure to be an eventful showdown.

“Since, thank god we’ve been so successful, [we'll just be] going back and forth with our hits and getting the crowd to go crazy, then just finally hit the stage together,” Weezy told MTV News on his “Krazy” video set last month. “It’s a battle type thing.”

Watch Wayne tease the tour in the video below.

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