Sam Smith Is A Lonely, Wigless Mannequin In 'To Die For' Video

'This is for all the lonely hearts out there on another Valentine’s Day'

Just hours after announcing their third album, To Die For, Sam Smith has continued doling out the goods with the release of the moving title track.

"To Die For" plants Smith back in heartbreaking ballad territory: a place they're all too familiar with. "Lonely days, I'm feeling / Like a fool for dreaming," Smith sings, before arriving at a plaintive confession: "I just want somebody to die for." The accompanying video, directed by Grant Singer, takes place at a wig shop where a bald mannequin head in Smith's likeness stares out the window. Kissing couples pass by the window over several seasons, but Smith remains there all alone as their "world crashes down" — until the clip comes to a glass-shattering conclusion.

Following the new track's release on Friday (February 14), Smith tweeted, "I poured my heart and soul into this song. So happy #ToDieFor is yours now & I can't express how excited I am to sing this live one day soon."

In a press release, they continued, "I wrote the song with Jimmy Napes and Stargate in L.A. during a time of self-discovery and heartbreak. This is for all the lonely hearts out there on another Valentine's Day xx."

"To Die For" comes after Smith spilled all the tea on their new album on Thursday. "I am more proud of this album than anything I've ever done," the 27-year-old wrote on Instagram (which is promising, considering how strong their first two albums were). "I've really set myself free the last two years whilst writing this and I hope you can dance and relate to these stories. It's all for you, always."

Smith also shared a glimpse at the grabby cover art, which features the blue-eyed Brit posing within a sea of hands. Check it out here, and get your countdown ready for To Die For, which arrives May 1.

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