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Chris Pratt And His Family Won Thanksgiving With Their Adorable Matching Seahawks Jerseys

Next year I'm going to Hawaii to watch the game with the Pratts.

Chris Pratt has been having something of a breakout year due to the immense success of Marvel's "Guardians Of The Galaxy," so naturally, he had a lot to be thankful for during this year's Thanksgiving. To celebrate the day, Chris and his wife Anna Faris, along with their two-year-old son Jack, traveled to Hawaii to bask in the sun and relax island style.

Oh yeah, and get into some serious sports gear to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks:

Pratt hashtagged the photo with both the standard seasonal greeting #HappyThanksgiving and the infamous Seattle #12Man hashtag, that dubs Seahawk fans the twelfth player on the field for how loud they cheer. While Pratt was born in the midwest, he grew up in Washington, which probably explains his Hawk fandom. Incidentally, Seattle beat the San Francisco 49ers 19-3 in Thursday's game—so apparently the Pratt family's jerseys worked.

Chris also shared his own exciting nature discovery when he caught an Egret eating a lizard on camera:

If that doesn't remind you to be thankful for what you've got, I don't know what will.

For her part, Anna shared a series of hilarious tweets about her mother, who joined the family on the trip:

So it turns out even being a famous actress doesn't save you from the power of a mom at the holidays. Seems like the Pratts know how to do the holidays though—who knows what they'll get into for Christmas! Whatever it is, I hope there's more cute family pictures involved.