Miley Cyrus And The Flaming Lips Recruit Big Sean For Their Upcoming Album

Wayne Coyne has shared a snippet of the rapper's vibey verse.

We’ve been so distracted prepping for Miley Cyrus’ sure-to-be-amazing hosting stint at the VMAs later this month, we almost forgot that — oh yeah! — she’s also a working musician.

And while we don’t know much in the way of Miley’s new solo material, we DO know her upcoming album with The Flaming Lips is still trucking along.

In May, we learned Miley and her BFF Wayne Coyne had already completed seven songs together from an as-yet-untitled album. Yesterday (Aug. 11), the Lips frontman teased a snippet of one of those tracks that features a surprise guest appearance from… wait for it… Big Sean.

Sean doesn’t make an appearance in the clip — we simply see Wayne vibing out to the track, which finds Sean rapping, “All I see is warm champagne / confetti on the floor of a mess that I'm still in / the same playlist on my phone…"

“Yessss!!! Big Sean on Tangerine!!! Cool s—t comin motherf—kers!!” Wayne excitedly captioned the vid, suggesting the name of the track or the album may be “Tangerine.” He also tagged Sean, Cyrus and Ariel Pink in the clip. All in all, quite the trippy bunch.

Big Sean’s involvement may seem random, but he and Miley have collaborated before. He was featured on the track “Love Money Party” from her last album, 2013’s Bangerz, and the rapper also spoke highly to us of Miley after she was featured in his “Fire” video.

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