'Baby Mode!': Can Heidi Convince Spencer To Have Another 'Hills' Child?

She's more than ready -- him, not so much

Heidi repeatedly stated on The Hills: New Begininngs Season 1 that she was ready to have more children. And during the Season 2 premiere, the MTV mom's stance hadn't changed one bit; in fact, her desire to have more babies had only intensified.

During tonight's episode, the MTV mom ditched her birth control (more specifically, she buried it at Brody's ceremony) and purchased a slew of pregnancy tests.

"Baby mode! I've been ready for a year," Heidi enthusiastically told Spencer. "I only have so much time to have a baby, and I already was putting my plans on hold."

However, Spencer was apprehensive about expanding their brood.

"I'm just so concerned that once you get back into mom mode, you forget about yourself," Spencer said. "Not even me -- I know I'm forgotten about. But I think you would want to worry about yourself a little bit. Just throwing that out there. Clearly, you've already made a plan."

Fast-forward to Heidi taking a test -- and telling Spencer that she was not expecting.

"I thought we were getting more serious about trying to get pregnant," she told her husband, as he enjoyed his favorite food (chicken pot pie).


Spencer thought they were just talking about it, while she believed they had decided on it. He explained in a solo interview that when they tried for their first baby, they conceived right after she stopped taking birth control. He pointed out that this was "probably a fluke" and this go around was different.

"I think one of the main factors different between how you got pregnant last time and this time is you had no stress last time," he told a teary Heidi. "Your life was so relaxing. There was no pandemic; you weren't trying to run a business."

Spencer tried to calm Heidi down, but Heidi couldn't contain her emotions, and he told her to stop being so hard on herself. But Heidi had a tough time hearing his encouraging words.


"I'm seeing it slip away -- I'm going to run out of time," she confessed in private. "I feel like my life is getting so limited, and I feel frustrated that Spencer and I aren't on the same page right now."

So will they get on the same page? And will Heidi take Spencer's words to heart to not put so much pressure on the situation? Be sure to watch the longtime couple on The Hills: New Beginnings every Wednesday at 8/7c.

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