'Awkward.' Fans, Cast Your Vote: Jatty Or Juke?

Is Luke or Matty a better fit for Jenna Hamilton?

While Tamara was busy exploring her inner bi-Curious George (nice one, Val!) on Tuesday night's "Awkward" episode, Jenna found herself stuck on a dorm roof with her stressed-to-the-max college boyfriend, Luke. J-Town's surprise visit to SCU quickly went south when Luke made it quite obvious their age difference can be an inconvenience: "Jenna, you just don't understand how important my studying is," he said. "You're still in high school." Way to make a girl feel special, stud.

Lukester then backpedaled his way into Jenna's good graces before engaging in a flashcard-fondle fest, but the damage was (in our eyes) done. Maybe this Juke pair-up was a matter of poor timing?

Then there's on-again/off-again/friends-with-benefits/off-again Jatty. Jenna clearly has unresolved feelings for her first love, which bubbled to the surface in the form of mad jealousy during her misguided Matty/Eva set-up. Jatty have history and an undeniable chemistry (born out of a summer camp supply closet rendezvous, no less). Juke share a love of literature, writing and the Arctic Monkeys. It's a tough call, but which couple do you prefer?

+ Cast your vote, and catch a new episode of "Awkward" next Tuesday at 10/9c!

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