This Couple's Tinder Story Is A Real-Life Rom Com

They found love in a hopeless place.

Any Tinder junkie knows that the app can be used as a means of killing time. That's what user Thomas Gallagher told Redditors he was doing on a night six months ago, when he was alone in a hotel room in Chicago on a work trip.

Thomas admitted on Reddit that he had, until that point, viewed Tinder as "more of a 'hot or not' validation/confidence booster." He said that he "never was expecting or wanting to actually meet anyone on there." Nevertheless, something possessed him to send a flirty message to a girl named Grace in Chicago that night.

What followed in their first exchange was some cute banter about Thomas' work travel schedule, and a promise from Thomas that if Grace flew him to New Zealand, he would fly her to China, where he occasionally has to visit for work.



Though no flights were booked that night, the two of them continued to chat over the course of the next month. When they finally met up in person, their connection was so strong that they have flown to see one another every weekend for the past six months. And that promised China trip? They recently traveled to Beijing. (The subsequent New Zealand trip is scheduled for February.)

To commemorate their literal whirlwind romance, Thomas made this precious video of himself and Grace, living a life that seems ripped from the script pages of a Reese Witherspoon rom-com. (Let's just say the video starts with the two of them playing hide-and-go-seek with Thomas' nieces. There also may be some joyous cliff jumping involved.)

Check out the whole thing in all of its sweet mushiness here:

Needless to say, Thomas reported he is "so happy" that he absentmindedly starting swiping on that lonely night in Chicago. Gah. This might just give us the strength to sift through a few more of those gym selfies.

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