'I'm F*cking Leaving': Is Gus Gone For Good On 'MTV Floribama Shore'?

He bolted out of the door because of a spat over...a blow dryer

The MTV Floribama Shore roomies have fought over toothpaste, chicken and now, a blow dryer. But the beauty product-related spat, which unfolded during tonight's brand-new episode, resulted in Gus bolting out the door -- and sprinting from the cameras.


What happened? After a week in Florida Montana, Candace was searching for her hair accessory and couldn't locate it. Eventually, she found it in the guys' bathroom and wanted to get to the bottom of her discovery.

"Gus, did you steal my hair dryer?" she asked him, while he was working out.

"I think so -- it's in our bathroom," he innocently answered. But Candace wasn't happy, to which Gus replied, "Codi's been using it too. Don't come at me like that."

"I've been looking for it since I've been here," Candace explained.

Frustrated, she returned to the girls' bathroom and briefed Nilsa and Aimee -- with Codi and Kirk eventually joining. Obviously, Gus found them and was quick to defend himself.

"We've been here for a week, and it's been gone for a week. All you had to do was ask," Gus stated.

Candace insisted she was searching for it and was confused as to why she had to approach Gus about where it was. Nilsa tried to explain to Gus that Candace may have thought she left it somewhere.


"So that's why you ask!" an exasperated Gus reiterated. "I have more hair than anybody in this house. If anyone was going to take it, it's probably me. Y'all wanna be selfish, be f*cking selfish."

The mention of "selfish" set off Candace -- and ultimately, the guys left the loo and the girls attempted to remove Gus so they could continue to get ready. Well, Candace repeatedly told him to "get out."

"I don't have to f*cking listen to you!" Gus retaliated after Candace demanded he exit.

"You stole my sh*t and then got mad because I asked about it," she retorted. "Get out!"

That got Gus out of the bathroom, but he didn't feel any better when Codi and Kirk told him to "leave it."

"I'm f*cking leaving. I'm not playing these games with y'all," he yelled as he made a beeline for the door and exited the abode. He then ran away in the freezing cold -- wearing only a sleeveless shirt and shorts. No jacket. This is not PCB or St. Pete...

Will Gus return? And what will the consequences be if he does? He has bickered with more than half of the roommates mere days into this Shore trip...

Do not miss next week's MTV Floribama Shore at 8/7c to see what happens.

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