New 'Teen Wolf' Interactive Game Lets You Join 'The Hunt'

If your dream to be a character in "Teen Wolf" has never been derailed by the blood and gore that's standard to life in Beacon Hills, you're in luck! A new MTV Facebook application gives fans the chance to jump right into the story, but be warned--once you're sucked in, we can't guarantee you'll make it out alive...

"The Hunt" is now on, giving Facebook users the opportunity to act as a virtual BHHS office aide while trying to solve a mystery penned by the "Teen Wolf" writers, themselves. With the help of Stiles, Scott and Allison, players will sort through old school policy archives, keep in touch with the trio of friends via social media and ultimately, get to the bottom of what's plaguing the town. Plus, the app comes with exclusive photos and videos that can't be found ANYWHERE else.

+ Your chance to become a part of the "Teen Wolf" clan awaits! Log on and introduce yourself (don't be shy...), but keep in mind that not everyone is as well-intentioned as he or she might seem, so if the waters become muddied, be sure to trust your instincts...

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