It's Easy To Wear Your Emojis On Your Sleeve

Emoji explosion.

Photo: Shop Jeen/O-Mighty/Nasty Gal/Etsy/Beloved

Last week,, the first emoji-only network, launched. Emoji enthusiasts like myself scrambled to claim usernames that, of course, were composed of the tiny pictures. In order to celebrate the launch, we've rounded up some of our fave emoji merch from around the 'net. Wear it all at once or separately, it's totally up to you–may we suggest, however, that you wear it when you use So #META.


Photo: Shop Jeen

Of all the pink-shirt girl emojis in the world (slash on my phone), this is my most used, probably because she DGAF. A shirt featuring multiple ~nonchalant~ ladies is perfect for the summer and letting everyone know your default answer to any and all inquiries, propositions, requests, etc. The best part? It's on sale.


Photo: Nasty Gal

Considering your iPhone is where emojis get the most play, a case featuring the characters only makes sense. This case is perfect because you don't have to pick favorites–you get a wide variety on this bad boy, including smilies, hand gestures, and hearts.


Photo: Etsy

This nail-painting emoji serves up way more than just, like, letting people know you're getting a manicure. It's used to convey attitude and why not transfer that 'tude to your ears? Exactly. This pair can swag out your lobes for only $8–they're the perfect option if you wanna wear emojis in a low-key way.


Photo: Beloved

These socks can be hidden under your shoes or worn proudly above them. The poop emoji is more cute than crude–I mean, it's smiling.


Photo: Shop Jeen

Like the phone case, these sweatpants feature a wide range of emojis–you may even be reminded of characters that are hidden within the tiny keyboard on your phone. Wearing them IRL will help you diversify your texting vocabulary. Throw a deep-cut emoji in your conversations once in a while to surprise your friends. These pants are comfortable and helpful, right?


Photo: O-Mighty

This bag may be the most emotionally confusing way to carry your belongings around. Are you winking or weeping? IDK, but your back is cute. Get the bag now and you'll be ready for the launch of and any potential back-to-school needs you may have.

Go forth, dress yourself in emojis, and be sure to register a name for yourself on!


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