Was Vinny Unfaithful On 'Jersey Shore: Family Vacation'?

There wasn't any smushing -- but plenty of touchy-feely

Vinny appears to be on thin ice with his girl... but did he truly do anything wrong if he didn't smooch or smush?

That was the question on tonight's Jersey Shore: Family Vacation after the Staten Island native got a little touchy-feely with a girl at a Miami strip club.

"I'm gonna save you from the strip club. We're gonna run away," he told a pretty, nearly naked brunette just before physically picking her up and walking off.


While Vin didn't see anything wrong with his maneuver because "when you have a girlfriend, it's hard being a horny guy," let's just say his female roommates felt a little differently:


Later, after formally inducting him into the I.F.F. (alongside Ronnie), JWOWW bestowed this wise piece of advice: "Hands in pockets at all times at a strip club if you have a girlfriend."

In order to prove his point that his move was harmless, Vinny took to the duck phone and immediately ratted himself out to girlfriend Elicea. Needless to say, his lady love wasn't happy with her man's flirtatious ways -- a reaction that Pauly D (and his shiny new Explanation chain) fully understood.

"Honesty is supposed to be the best policy, but I don't think that applies here," the DJ said. "Everybody's in relationships, and I'm the only single one. So because they're so far away from their girls, whatever they do is cheating."


Still on the fence about any supposed wrongdoing, the keto diet king turned to his mom Paola for her take on the stripper subject.

Mama Guadagnino: "Tell her as least as possible. Out of sight, out of mind. You have nothing to hide. You're single."

Vinny: "I'm not single. How am I single? I have a girlfriend, Elicea -- remember her?"

Mama Guadagnino: "Yeah, but you don't have a ring on your finger. You are single."

Vinny: "Ma! Stop saying I'm single!"

Mama Guadagnino: "I'm not saying to do anything wrong. I'm just saying you're not doing anything intentional to hurt anybody."

Vin's summation of the conversation:


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