Watch Michelle Obama Choose Between Ariana Grande And A Carrot On 'Billy On The Street'

Only Billy Eichner could bring out the First Lady's finest Groot impersonation.

Anyone who has been following Billy Eichner and his hilarious "man on the street" show "Billy on the Street" has long since learned to expect the unexpected -- but even the most seasoned of Eichner's fans could not have expected to see First Lady Michelle Obama, Big Bird, and most importantly, Elena, answering questions like "Ariana Grande, or eating a carrot?" this fine Tuesday morning (February 17).

In the video, Michelle, Big Bird, and the curmudgeonly returning contestant Elena meet up in a supermarket to answer some pretty loaded questions -- and of course, discuss their mutual love for One Direction. There's also a pretty stellar FLOTUS bonus round, which features Michelle dancing with Big Bird to "I Don't Want To Miss a Thing," a Groot impression, and some solid digs at Gwyneth Paltrow:

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