Beyoncé, Blue Ivy, And Tina Lawson Recreated An Iconic Girl Group For Halloween

Family coordination at its finest

When it comes to Halloween, Beyoncé likes a family affair. Last year, the Knowles-Carter clan coordinated in Coming to America costumes; two years ago, she and Blue were Janet and Michael Jackson.

This year, she recruited Blue and her mom for a tribute to Salt-N-Pepa.

The three generations of Knowles women wore colorful leather jackets, gold chains, and full bodysuits inspired by the "Push It" video. Bey also broke out an asymmetrical wig to complete her transformation into Salt.

While costumes this good would be enough to satisfy me for, like, several years, Bey has been known to pull off multiple costumes every Halloween, each more impressive than the last. Brace yourselves: We could be in for even more.

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