You Have To Watch Electric Zoo's Anti-Drug PSA To Attend The Festival This Year

The PSA attempts to address the drug issues that have been a serious issue for EDM festivals lately.

By Ezra Marcus

Finally, you’re there! After another year breathlessly anticipating a ride on the Electric Zoo merry-go-round of flashing lights, heavy trance, and furry boots.

You’ve reached your destination, and, well, wow. Sebastian Ingrosso is on deck killing it, your beautiful brunette girlfriend is by your side, your breathable cotton V-neck is practically begging you to rip it off. All you need now is a lick of molly, just enough to infuse the moment with a feeling your vocabulary can only qualify as epic.

45 minutes later you’re shivering in the corner alone. The drops have dropped. The fireworks are now just ephemeral traces in the night sky over Randalls Island. Your girl left you in disgust. What happened? You "missed the moment."

Sound familiar? It will soon, at least if you’re planning on attending this year’s Electric Zoo. The above scenario is the plot of the educational video that’s mandatory for all attendees—you can also watch it below.

The code to activate the festival wristbands is embedded in the video. It’s like a captcha for temperance. Although the video is arguably a bit tone-deaf—the clip elides the fact that consequences of MDMA overdose can be much worse than social awkwardness—it feels like a step in the right direction for Electric Zoo. Also, the PSA was made by James Manos, Jr. the writer/creator of the TV show "Dexter" and his 19-year-old daughter Ellie Manos.

Last year the final day of the festival was canceled after two overdose-related deaths. The festival has taken other positive measures too, like increasing its security.

Here’s what Made Event founders Laura De Palma and Mike Bindra had to say: ”The Electric Zoo experience is exceptional and worth being present for. Molly can cause you to not only miss the moment, alienate your friends and have an overall adverse and unpleasant experience. Fans will experience how great it is to 'Come To Life' at one of our concerts from lights, sounds and crowds.”

The festival runs from August 29th to the 31st, featuring all the heavy hitters: David Guetta, Armin Van Buren, Zedd and more.