'On My Block' Season 2 Preview Hints At Ruby's Fate After That Deadly Cliffhanger

070 Shake's emotional vocals set the tone

Season 2 of On My Block will be here sooner than you may have realized. On Thursday (March 7), Netflix announced that the highly anticipated follow-up to its most binged show of 2018 will be hitting the platform on Friday, March 29.

Along with the date announcement, the streamer released an intense three-and-a-half-minute cold opening that teased where each of the main characters are now — including Jason Genao's Ruby, who was shot in the first season's cliffhanger ending.

Set to 070 Shake's emotional track, "Glitter," the majority of the clip focuses on a series of streetside memorials, outfitted in notes, flowers, balloons, prayer candles, teddy bears, and more tributes to young victims.

It seamlessly moves into a shot of Monse (Sierra Capri) somberly helping Cesar (Diego Tinoco) fit a solid black shirt over his casted arm and bruised body, while Jamal (Brett Gray) savors a pile of cold, hard cash. Back at Ruby's house, his mom and abuela appear grief-stricken, dressed in black and apparently accepting food from well-wishers.

Finally, we cut to Ruby resting on a white bed and fully suited up, with his eyes peacefully shut until the final seconds of the clip, when they shoot open with full awareness.

Does this mean Ruby survived his deadly encounter? Your guess is as good as mine. Check out the trailer above and watch On My Block March 29 to find out.

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