Adam Scott Can Absolutely, 100 Percent Drive A Car In This Exclusive 'My Blind Brother' Clip

Just because Scott plays a blind man in 'My Blind Brother' doesn't mean he can't drive

In Sophie Goodhart's My Blind Brother, Nick Kroll plays an unremarkable man named Bill who tries to steal his inspirational blind brother's girlfriend, played by Jenny Slate. To be fair, if your brother were as narcissistic and insufferably overachieving as Bill's blind brother, Robbie (Adam Scott), maybe you'd steal his girlfriend too — especially if you and said girlfriend already had a memorable two-way pity lay. Now, this is our kind of fucked-up love triangle.

In this clip from the wonderfully atypical rom-com, exclusively on MTV News, watch as Robbie shows off his advanced spacial awareness and memory skills for Rose (Slate), much to the delight and dismay of everyone else in the car. Oh, and scene-stealer Zoe Kazan also stars in this clip as Rose's quirky, ne'er-do-well roommate, which is honestly reason enough to go see this movie.

TL;DR — Jenny Slate is all of us.

Starz Digital will release My Blind Brother in theaters, On Demand, and on iTunes on September 23.