'Jurassic World': Zoo Keepers Are Hilariously Reenacting The Movie With Real Animals

*cue Jeff Goldblum laugh*

Can't get enough of raptor trainer Chris Pratt? Neither can the people who actually train animals for a living.

Whether you were one of the hundreds of thousands of people who saw "Jurassic World" this weekend or you just caught a glimpse of the movie's trailer, you probably already know that Pratt plays a park employee, Owen Grady, who trains a pack of velociraptors. Which leads, of course, to this now iconic moment:



Now, real life zoo keepers are reenacting Pratt's trademark holding pattern with the actual creatures they work with every day:


The meme first went viral with the above picture from a Tumblr user named Talia, who says that "My bestie is a zoo keeper, and she told me that because of Jurassic World it has become a craze in the keeper community (!) to re-enact Chris Pratt," she wrote, adding, "You guys, this is the best."

Other zoo keepers have started using the hashtag #JurassicZooKeeper to show off their raptor(?) leading skills. Like Nicole Leslie here, for example:

Or Jon Ovens from the Longleat Safari Park in the UK:

Then there's the Lion County Safari in Florida:

And Mike Owyang of the Sacramento Zoo, (he appears to have created the #JurassicZooKeeper hashtag a few days ago), facing off against the deadliest creatures of all:

Let's hope this becomes a full-on cultural phenomenon in the zoo community (zoomunity?) and that the animals get progressively cuter. Do we know any wildlife parks with a kitten exhibit?


Chris Pratt gif

UPDATE (6/18/15, 9:55 a.m. ET): Looks like the meme's still going strong and we couldn't be happier about it. Here's Susie Rodenkirchen Walker from the National Aquarium in Baltimore (ironically located on Pratt Street!)

A pig trainer from the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand:

Sarah Perata at the London Zoo:

And someone from the Taronga Zoo in Australia, training quokkas. What are quokkas? I don't know, but they're adorable.

Keep up the good work, zoo keepers!

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