Pharrell And His Grammy Hat Are Now Available On M.O.C. Brand Clothing


Wear Pharrell's hat on your shirt.

Photos: Getty Images/The M.O.C. Brand

The M.O.C. Brand works fast, y'all. ICYMI, Pharrell wore a giant, "military-inspired" hat to the 2014 Grammy Awards on Sunday that got a TON of attention from the internet. (TBH, though, I don't know how anyone could have missed it because I'm pretty sure you could see that thing from space.) The internet compared it to everything from the Arby's logo to Smokey Bear to Canadian Mountie, and thus, a meme was born. Naturally, the M.O.C. Brand (formerly Yolo Polos) wasted zero time in adding Pharrell's major sartorial moment to their growing collection of stitched-on icon clothing, so now you can officially sport a piece of Grammy history on your person.


The man, the hat, the legend.

Photo: The M.O.C. Brand

That's right, ladies and gentlemen. Less than four days after the Grammys aired, the M.O.C. Brand has already added an entire line of Skateboard P's iconic look to their stock. As of today, you can snag it on a grey or white crewneck sweatshirt, a grey knit beanie, or on their original signature polo shirt. This is definitely a better bet than trying to find a replica of Pharrell's hat for yourself, because LBR: He's probably the only person on planet Earth who can pull off an accessory like that. (No offense.) Head on over to the M.O.C. Brand's website to pick one up ASAP.

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