Watch Justin Bieber Fall In Love In 'The Feeling' Preview

Oh heyyyy Halsey!

In just one week, Justin Bieber is going to give your life some exciting new Purpose.

His fourth album is finally within reach of its November 13th release date, and although he's already graciously shared a few of his new musical nuggets with the world -- namely, "What Do You Mean," "Sorry" and "I'll Show You" -- he's giving everyone yet another sneak peek at the goods to tide us through the long week ahead 'til we can finally get the full thing.

Friday (Nov. 6) Bieber shared a preview of the ethereal music video for his collab with Halsey, his #WCW for the week BTW, called "The Feeling."

In the video, a group of halter top and henna tattoo-clad women are chilling in trees until they hear a sweet siren sound and are suddenly called to Bieber's side -- which is good because if they're cold out there, his shirt is probably big enough to cover every last one of 'em.

The group then makes way into a fenced-in area of the foggy woods that houses an oak grand piano and a knee-high lake, and everyone's so stunned by all the beauty of the world that they must wonder, along with the chorus, "Am I in love with you? Or am I in love with the feeling?"

Only one week left.

HEY! Start the clock.

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