An Iggy Azalea Sex Tape May Have Been Filmed When She Was Underage

Rapper's lawyers say the tape may also have been recorded without her consent.

Less than 24 hours after denying the existence of a sex tape with a former boyfriend, lawyers for Iggy Azalea have done a 180 and confirmed that there may, indeed, be an explicit recording out there.

TMZ reported on Friday that Iggy's lawyers are saying that the tape might exist, but that it's possible Iggy was under 18 when it was recorded. Azalea's reps reportedly told TMZ that the sex tape could be an attempt by a "spurned business suitor" (in other words, the unnamed ex-boyfriend) who is just trying to "damage her image and career out of revenge."

It is also possible that the footage was recorded without "her knowledge or consent," the attorneys said.

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Azalea's former business partner was reportedly trying to shop the tape to Vivid adult entertainment boss Steven Hirsch, who told he was interested in pursuing the matter.

On Thursday afternoon, Azalea took to Twitter to deny the existence of the tape, with one of the tweets suggesting that she may not be 18 in any recording that might exist.

The denial came after TMZ reported that Hirsch had offered millions to the “Black Widow” rapper for an alleged tape featuring her and the ex-boyfriend.

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