'Spider-Man 2' Villain Doc Ock Cast

Alfred Molina to play bowl-haircut-sporting, tentacled baddie.

Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst and director Sam Raimi will reunite in April to film "Spider-Man 2." And though James Franco's Harry Osborn character will also be returning, don't expect to see him donning his father's Green Goblin outfit -- as he did in the comics -- just yet. The next "Spider-Man" villain to hit the big screen will be none other than Dr. Octopus.

Perhaps staying true to his B-movie roots, Raimi has bypassed the Hollywood A-list and hired Alfred Molina, known more for his considerable acting chops than celebrity status. Molina has appeared in such films as "Magnolia," "Chocolat" and "Frida."

"To go from an Academy Award-level movie like 'Frida' to one of the greatest franchises of all time, [he] is completely thrilled," Molina's manager, Joan Hyler, said.

"Alfred Molina has a remarkable facility for everything from classic drama to mainstream comedy and he is the ideal choice for Doc Ock," said Columbia Pictures Chairman Amy Pascal in a statement.

In the Marvel Comics "Spider-Man" lore, Dr. Octopus is a bespectacled, bowl-haircut-sporting villain who kicks butt with gigantic mechanical tentacles. He was also at one time romantically involved with Peter Parker's Aunt May.

"Spider-Man 2" is in the pre-production stage, with Molina currently being outfitted for the "Doc Ock" costume. The follow-up to "Spider-Man," which broke several box-office records and went on to earn over $820 million worldwide (see [article id="1459335"]" 'Spider-Man,' 'Star Wars Episode II' Top Flicks Of 2002"[/article]), will be released next year.

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