Sandra Bullock Dishes On Kiss With Meryl Streep

'Nobody knows how much fun she is,' actress says backstage at the Oscars.

HOLLYWOOD -- [movieperson id="8456"]Sandra Bullock[/movieperson] was the first one to say it: After decades in the business, she finally wore down the Academy. Now she's a [article id="1633373"]Best Actress winner[/article] thanks to her role in [movie id="420164"]"The Blind Side"[/movie] -- and moments after winning her Oscar, she came backstage to greet the press and talk about what Jesse James whispered in her ear, making out with Meryl and that Clooney comment.

2010 Oscars Press Room

"Don't aspire to be in these shoes; walk in your own," she said when asked what advice she'd have for aspiring actors who just watched her on the world's biggest stage. "Everyone's really good at telling other people how to live their lives -- everyone's unique and that's what makes people exciting to watch."

As her fans know, the 45-year-old Bullock is a Hollywood veteran who got her start in made-for-TV movies in the late '80s. According to her, she was just happy that she had worked steadily all these years and never dreamed of Oscar.

"I didn't aspire to this. I was in awe of it," she said of watching the Oscars every year at home until now. "I didn't think the opportunity would ever present itself to rise to this occasion and I was OK with that, just working -- this is the film I said no to. These were such odd circumstances, I didn't see this coming together; no one did."

Always a media darling, Bullock kept the media laughing and even answered a question in fluent German (her mother was a German opera singer). She was also every bit as polite to her fellow nominees.

"I love these women so much for who they are, so I feel like I share it equally in five parts. Because we women need to stick together," she explained, adding that the awards-season parade of the last few weeks brought her places she never expected -- like kissing Meryl Streep.

"No one expects Meryl to roll with the flow like that. Nobody knows how much fun she is," Bullock said of her [article id="1629880"]headline-grabbing smooch[/article] with the awards-season queen. "That's why it made the headlines. She's an awesome broad. She's an extraordinary actress, but she's also a fun human being."

Speaking of rolling with the punches, those watching the Oscars at home will remember Bullock singling out a sad-looking George Clooney (Bullock said he was tired) for throwing her in a swimming pool. Clutching her new Oscar, the Best Actress dished on what sounds like one helluva party.

"Tom Cruise was also involved and I promised them in a very public forum I'd get them back," Bullock explained. "You might want to ask George about [the details]. It was funny to everybody except me. Actually, it was funny to me too."

On her way out the door (Bullock said she couldn't wait to get a hamburger), the actress was asked about the secret words husband Jesse James whispered in her ear after she won. "You expect me to tell you that? Bless your heart for trying," she laughed. "I'd never divulge what Jesse said unless he said it first -- that's between me and the man."

Until she got backstage, Bullock didn't realize that her tattooed, macho husband had been caught on camera shedding a few tears. "Did you cry?" she said excitedly, looking over at him.

"He doesn't cry. He's right there; don't piss him off," Bullock warned the media. "He had something in his eye."

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