The Definitive, Adorable Timeline Of Shailene Woodley And Miles Teller's Friendship

Shailes forever <3

There’s a reason why Miles Teller and Shailene Woodley have already worked on three movies together and have two more in the works: they’re a cinematic match made in heaven.

But besides their obvious onscreen chemistry, the dream team also has a real-life friendship that’s even more adorable than anything you’ll find in "The Spectacular Now" or any of the "Divergent" films. That’s exactly why Miles was picked to award Shai with the Trailblazer Award at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. And it’s why we’re taking this stroll down memory lane to reminisce on the most memorable moments from their “aww”-worthy relationship.

Miles and Shailene worked together for the first time on the heartbreakingly beautiful indie rom-com “The Spectacular Now,” released in 2013.



Shai told MTV that she only knew Miles’ work from the movie “Rabbit Hole,” but she instantly knew he would make the perfect Sutter Keely to her Aimee Finecky. “It felt right. It was one of those moments where you instinctively know [that] it has to be this person,” she admitted.

At the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, Miles presented Shailene with an award at The Creative Coalition Spotlight Initiative Awards Annual Gala.



They proved their adorableness with cute bear hugs, which is signature Shailene.

At the VMAs that fall, Miles and Shai were on hand to premiere the trailer for “Divergent.”



During the show, they sat together and got suspiciously cozy (but because we know you’re wondering, Miles has admitted they never dated.)

In 2014 the duo were nominated for Best Kiss at the MTV Movie Awards.



Sadly, they didn’t win, but we all know this kiss was truly award-worthy in its own right.

When “Divergent” was released in 2014, it was kinda weird seeing Shailene and Miles as enemies instead of lovers, especially considering their well-documented offscreen cuteness.



But it also gave us hilarious anecdotes like Shailene admitting she totally beat Miles up.

In fall 2014, Shailene told W, “I would love for us to be a famous screen couple. Like Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio. I want to do a musical with him!”



Miles followed that sentiment by telling The Hollywood Reporter, “With Shailene, I would love to work with her once every couple years. We work very similarly, and I think she’s very talented.”

Shai and Miles rekindled their onscreen hatred in “Insurgent,” released in March 2015.



It also reminded us how lucky we are to have at least two more films with them to look forward to -- they'll both be on hand for the final two "Divergent" films!

Which brings us to tonight, when Miles presented Shailene with the prestigious Trailblazer Award at the Movie Awards.



They both gushed over each other, trading compliments and proving yet again that Shai and Miles will go down in history as one of the movie world’s most dynamic duos. Here’s to many more marvelous Shailes moments!

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