2 Chainz Tells The Story Behind His Drake Collab ‘Big Amount’

Off of his ‘Daniel Son; Necklace Don’ mixtape

There’s something about when 2 Chainz and Drake get together. Their past collabs — “No Lie” and “All Me” — have become inescapable hits, with the two rappers’ styles bouncing off one another to create a collection of memorable moments.

They were at it again with last week’s Daniel Son; Necklace Don. Chainz’s new mixtape, with one of the tracks that immediately caught fans’ eyes and ears: “Big Amount,” featuring Drake. And it came together both quickly and by chance.

“I haven’t been in the studio with Drake since we did ‘All Me’ in Atlanta a couple of years ago,” Tit told Complex. “He was in town for a couple hours. He was actually at the strip club that was around the street from my studio, so I just went to rock with him. I was like ‘Yo, bro I’m like walking distance from here.’ So he pulled up, and we got a couple of records done that night.”

For Chainz, it was a treat to get back in the lab with Aubrey — and they cooked up more than just “Big Amount.”

“It was something that I actually missed,” he said. “Dude is at the top tier of his game. I’m very competitive. I like working — period. To get in the room with one of the top dudes in the game, it’s just a dope experience. Not only that, he’s one of my day unos, one of my partners. We’ve been rocking with each other since the I Am Music tour with Lil Wayne. To watch each other grow and do what we’ve done for our families and friends, it was no pressure. There was a lot of smoke and bottles and it was just a good vibe. And the song is unique — I don’t think we should do the same thing twice. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.”