These Kids Put Their High School For Sale On Craigslist Because LOL Senioritis

Priceless prank.

High school seniors + May + utter apathy about all things academic = senior pranks. It's a tradition that goes hand-in-hand with rampant senioritis at the end of the school year.


Some high school seniors at Arkansas City High School have taken the tradition to the next level, though, and by next level, I mean the unofficial ninth ring of Internet Hell -- Craigslist. The Winfield Daily Courier reports for their senior prank, some students listed their high school for sale on the site for $2,015. To be fair, the ad said it would consider any offer. Not too shabby.

“All of us seniors are heading off to college and we do not need this school anymore," the ad read. "We all need the cash to pay off loans and everything else we need in college."

The school had lots of perks, according to the post, boasting a property that had "a lot of space for parking or even your cattle!" My condolences to all the cattle enthusiasts who were excited and ultimately duped by the false ad.

District spokeswoman Alisha Call reassured the public/the Internet at large that the school isn't for sale, but hey -- you have to give credit where it's due. College is expensive. A pretty solid hustle, even if it's a hoax.

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