T.I. And Game Not To Blame In Bouncer Brawl, LA Club Insists

Supperclub points the finger at rogue security.

Things got real heated when T.I. and Game hit a Los Angeles club on Wednesday morning. The two rappers confronted police and club security after members of their entourage were beaten by security guards after being denied entry. But on Thursday, the venue released a statement disassociating the rappers and the club from the drama.

"Although T.I. and The Game were in the parking lot during this time, they were not directly involved with this incident," read a statement issued by a club rep to MTV News.

The fight and subsequent reaction was caught on two separate video clips and released by TMZ. In the first clip, security can be seen beating up two men; in the second vid, Game and T.I. emerge to confront police and security about their bloodied friends.

"Ya'll got a lot of people to beat up. We got good lawyers," T.I. said to police.

After figuring out that it was club security and not the cops who were responsible for the beating, the two rappers and their respective entourages turned their attentions toward the guards.

"An unfortunate escalation between an angry on-looker who was denied entry to Supperclub, and a rogue security officer who took matters too far, led to an untenable altercation which represented the worst in all of us," the club's statement read. "The third party security company that was hired for this outside promotional event, is not a part of Supperclub Los Angeles, and will never be booked by Supperclub, or the venue's outside promotional vendors again."

On Thursday, TMZ caught up to T.I. and asked him about the fight at the club, but the veteran rapper was suddenly kind of fuzzy about the incident. "I don't know what the f--k you talking about," he said.

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