Beth S Is Still Wondering 'Why People Didn't Like Me' On The 'The Real World: Los Angeles'

Hopefully, the MTV star will get some answers on 'The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles'

The Real World: Los Angeles is about to have an epic homecoming beginning November 24. But before the former strangers turned roomies -- Tami Roman, Jon Brennan, Beth Stolarczyk, Irene Berrera, David Edwards, Glen Naessens and Beth Anthony -- reunite in the City of Angels on Paramount+, the cast is describing their original experience on the MTV series.

"One was the cop, one was a comedian, one was a country, singer," Irene reflects in the clip above. "We're in this huge fishbowl, without killing each other."

Meanwhile, Beth S is still wondering decades later "why people didn't like me."

"I walk in with my kitty -- everybody hates me," she states. "I try to have fun -- people don't like me."

Who decided to watch Season 2 beginning to end two days before filming this installment of Real World Homecoming? And who regrets not "having a bit more fun" back in 1993? Watch the RW LA crew above, and do not miss the premiere of The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles on November 24 only on Paramount+.

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