'Bourne Legacy' Trailer Brings Back Matt Damon

Based on all the marketing for "The Bourne Legacy" promising "there was never just one," we assumed that Jason Bourne was going to be forgotten about by the time Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross stepped into center stage. But from what we've seen in the new full-length trailer for the movie, Bourne actually still has a large part to play.

Matt Damon might not have a cameo in "The Bourne Legacy," but we will at least see his face. It seems as though "The Bourne Legacy" is happening at the same time as Damon's previous three "Bourne" movies, and that it's his actions that will influence Cross's decision making. Except while Bourne was the only agent we saw in those films, it seems as though we'll be meeting an array of them in "The Bourne Legacy."

Judging by the trailer, one of them is apparently Oscar Isaac. Cross seemingly turns to his character to find out more about the Outcome program they're involved in, but Isaac doesn't seem like he wants to share much information with the other agent.

We also get a heck of a lot more Rachel Weisz this time around. It looks like she will play a doctor involved in the Outcome program who ends up being Cross's love interest. According to her, whatever experiments they did on him caused two of his chromosomes to mutate, which explains why he is so powerful. It sounds like Isaac was right to caution us to "not screw with him."

"The Bourne Legacy" also stars Edward Norton, Stacy Keach, Albert Finney, Joan Allen, David Strathairn and Scott Glenn. It's due in theaters on August 3.

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