Lil Boosie Is Moving Forward With His Justin Bieber Collaboration

Boosie x Beiber, coming soon?

When Lil Boosie got out of prison a few months ago, he outlined some of his plans for the year -- and one thing on his itinerary was working with Justin Bieber. He was serious about it, too, because this weekend he revealed that he's already spoken to Biebs about recording together.

"I talked to [Justin Bieber] and we're gonna get it done," Boosie told MTV News on the Bet Hip Hop Awards carpet. "I was just congratulating him on his success and letting him know I'ma put together that record and we're gonna make it happen."

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"He [said], 'Whenever you put that record together, I'll fly you down and we'll make it happen -- it's nothing,'" Boosie said of their conversation.

The Louisiana rapper said that he's expecting to drop his album in a month or two, since he's already got enough tracks logged for the project.

It probably helped that just about "everyone" reached out when he was released from prison to work with him. "It's just a pleasure to be back, involved in life and music period," he added.

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