Jon Stewart's Incredible Final 'Daily Show' Rant Will Make You Feel Everything

'If you smell something, say something.'

We've got such an emotional hangover after bidding #JonVoyage to "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart last night (August 6), but his amazing final signoff is just the eye-opening jolt of inspiration we need.

While there was a lot to love about Stewart's final farewell after hosting the show for 16 years, it was his incredible last rant from behind the desk that reminded audiences why we've counted on him to eviscerate the ridiculous, call out the hypocritical, and put our impotent rage into words for the better part of two decades.

"Bulls--t is everywhere," Stewart said, as he delivered his final thoughts on the current state of affairs in America.

But it ended on a hopeful note, as the host tasked his fans (and new "Daily Show" host Trevor Noah) with continuing the proud tradition of speaking up when something doesn't smell right.

Watch the full (uncensored) video of his sign-off below.

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